Month: August 2015

The Bear’s Lair: The meaning of Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left MP for Islington North, appears set to become the next leader of Britain’s Labour party. Various commentators have predicted economic and political doom for Britain, citing his radical ideas as evidence. Yet in reality the British electoral system, the openness of the economy and the lack of support for Corbyn himself […]

The Bear’s Lair: The madness of crowds

Conventional wisdom celebrates cities. It sees the mighty agglomerations of capital and human capital in London, New York, Shanghai and San Francisco/Silicon Valley and celebrates the wealth-producing capabilities of those agglomerations. Yet with today’s low interest rates and high asset prices, the biggest cities also have remarkably high real estate prices, which inflict massive costs […]

The Bear’s Lair: The helplessness of politicians

George W. Bush and Barack Obama have proved themselves helpless since 2001 to reverse an inexorable relative decline in U.S. power and U.S. living standards. Similarly, prime ministers from Clem Attlee through Jim Callaghan, including Winston Churchill, failed to reverse a similar period of decline in Britain. Neville Chamberlain, good-willed, capable and experienced as he […]

The Bear’s Lair: Interview: Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha

My beloved wife Anna passed away unexpectedly last Wednesday, at the age of 58. In her memory I would like here to recall a joyful occasion, when through my journalistic work she was able to join me at breakfast with King Simeon II of the Bulgarians, her legitimate monarch since birth, elected prime minister of […]

The Bear’s Lair: Thank God for the 22nd Amendment

  President Obama this week announced in Africa that he would be confident of being re-elected, but was blocked by the 1951 22nd Amendment, which prevented U.S. Presidents seeking a third term. My first reaction was of course a crassly partisan sigh of relief, but then I began thinking about term limits in general, and […]