Month: January 2017

The Bear’s Lair: Trump looks like a McKinley Republican

In the first week of Donald Trump’s Presidency, it is becoming clearer what kind of President he will be. There are elements of Andrew Jackson – Democrats now know how John Quincy Adams’ acolytes felt when a drunken mob of Jackson’s supporters ransacked the White House. While Trump is no racist economic illiterate, as Jackson […]

The Bear’s Lair: End state monopolies in education!

Donald Trump’s Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos is getting flak from both sides – from the left because she is not fully committed to unionized public education, from the right because she appears at least neutral on the “Common Core” national standards mandated by the Obama administration. Education is important – it is how we […]

The Bear’s Lair: Nail that word’s feet to the floor!

Establishment journals such as the Economist and the Financial Times, and the participants in this week’s Davos rock festival have recently been decrying defeats for “liberalism” in the votes for Brexit and Donald Trump. Naturally, we are expected to sympathize: after all, what right-thinking person could object to liberalism? There is just one problem: the […]

The Bear’s Lair: Ron Paul for Fed Governor!

Former Congressman Ron Paul, (R-TX) America’s foremost Gold Standard advocate, has indicated his interest in filling one of the two vacant Federal Reserve Governor posts. Even assuming President-elect Trump does not intend to move towards a Gold Standard, he should still appoint Paul to the Fed, ideally announcing the appointment immediately. An immediate Paul appointment […]

The Bear’s Lair: Europe needs an Anti-Maastricht Treaty

Following Britain’s Brexit vote last June, there has been considerable speculation, or indeed wishful thinking, that Brexit might be followed by the break-up of the European Union. However, many members of the EU would have nowhere to go if it broke up; they are too small to survive successfully in a dog-eat-dog world. For them, […]