Month: March 2018

The Bear’s Lair: The anti-social nature of social media

The fury from Facebook and its friends over Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of their database to help elect President Trump is matched by the reality that Facebook officials voluntarily allowed use of their data to help elect Barack Obama in 2012. Given these realities, close to 100% of the users of Facebook (everybody except the modest […]

The Bear’s Lair: Is there a win-win with Rocket Man?

The announcement of a possible meeting between “Little Rocket Man” North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and President Trump has startled observers, with much of the American right, especially the neocon variety, worrying that Trump will prove incapable of outmaneuvering Kim. Yet an examination of the economic and political possibilities for North Korea and for Kim himself […]

The Bear’s Lair: De-globalization gathering momentum

President Trump’s sudden announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum is by no means unprecedented – Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush took similar actions. Yet it emphasizes a reality first pointed out in these columns in 2010 and in a presentation later that year: the globalization project, beloved of Whig economists and big-government types […]

The Bear’s Lair: The 1820s are more relevant than the 1950s

Many supporters of Donald Trump have expressed nostalgia for the 1950s, when large companies, strong unions and international competition that had been bombed flat guaranteed well-paid blue-collar jobs. Yet the current situation looks nothing like the 1950s. With robots, genetic engineering, self-driving vehicles, serious emerging market competition and debt defaults on the horizon, we are […]