Historical Musings

Charles Jenkinson – the unknown Founding Father

Charles Jenkinson never travelled to the American colonies. Nor did he quite reach the top of British politics, though he was rewarded for his efforts with the Earldom of Liverpool and his son was Prime Minister for almost fifteen years. Yet as a middle-ranking junior minister he had an enormous effect, critical to the progress […]

Boke Review: Cyprianus Anglicus

Before there were books there were Bokes, large folio things with small print runs and funny spelling. Boke Reviews look at books/bokes published more than 250 years ago, most of which are lost to modern knowledge, and try to rediscover the wisdom hidden in the attitudes and understandings of another era.

How Charles Jenkinson turned a Whig government Tory

When William Pitt the younger formed his government in December 1783, it was a Whig one. Pitt himself, his two Secretaries of State and most of his Cabinet were Whigs. Yet by his death in 1806, his long-standing administration was generally accepted as a Tory government, and its direct successors were to continue ruling as […]

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